Metal Polishing & Plating Specialist

Merridale metal polishing & plating specialise in metal polishing and plating. We provide electroless nickel plating and bright chrome plating – black, bright, copper plating and also antique finishes. We pride ourselves on our customer service and building a good relationship with all our customers.

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Nickel & Chrome

We have a glydo type plant which is capable of handling components up to 2.1 metre long and 1 metre deep.

Our speciality on this plant is to be able to achieve service condition 4 either by Du-plex Nickel and Chrome or Copper, Nickel and Chrome.


Nickel Plating

We can provide the following finishes from this plant: Bright Nickel Plating

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Bright & Black Chrome

Used for motorcycle parts, shop fittings…

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Bright Chrome

Typically used for the automotive industry, domestic and leisure….

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Electrophoretic Laquer/Brass Plating


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Electroless Nickel Plating

Merridale has an ELV compliant Electroless Nickel Plating line that is capable of plating most metals either using barrels or as a rack plant.

The tank sizes are 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres deep…

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We have a large polishing shop with a number of hand polishing and centreless polishing machines.

Our polishers are fully experienced in polishing all types of metal and a wide variety of components including car parts and motorcycle silencers…

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Additional Services

We also specialise the following services.


Powder Coating

Merridale houses a powder coating facility which has the flexibility to apply…

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Antique Bronze

Also on site there is an Antique Bronze facility, used for small components…

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Copper Plating

We have a glydo type Copper plating facility which can plate items up to 1.5 metre….

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Spray Lacquer

We can also offer a Spray Lacquer. Lacquer is a clear or coloured varnish that dries …

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