About Us

Merridale Polishing & Plating Ltd Was Established In 1973.

In 1973, we started as a small polishing shop in Merridale Street West, taking our name from our first address.

Harry, Mohan and Dave were 3 polishers who started their business doing what they knew best, each of them having to work two jobs until Merridale could support itself.  Merridale quickly established itself with Centreless and Flatbed polishing and 10 years later we needed more space to expand our growing business so we moved to Oxford Street in Bilston.

It was at our Bilston site that we started to develop our own polishing mops and compounds, where these are still produced today.

For more information regarding polishing mops & polishing compounds please call 01902 404191

Seeing the potential in being able to venture in to chrome plating and other metal finishes, we opened up our plating shop in Wednesbury in 1996.

We have built up our plating operation to make us one of the main chrome plating suppliers to the leisure, car and motorcycle industries.

In addition to our large polishing shop and chrome plating operation, we are now also able to offer Black Chrome, Electroless Nickel, Copper and Brass plating as well as Bronze and Antique finishes.

High quality product
Nationwide service
Over 50 years experience
Competitive prices