Additional Services

Powder Coating

Merridale houses a powder coating facility which has the flexibility to apply any colour that may be required to a wide range of components.

Items up to 2.8 metres can be powder coated.

Powder coating

Copper plating

Copper Plating

We have a glydo type Copper plating facility which can plate items up to 1.5 metre in length and 1 metre deep.

You can find more information about copper plating on our dedicated Copper Plating page.

Antique Bronze

Also on site there is an Antique Bronze facility which can be used for small components typically domestic electrical front-plates, door furniture etc.

Antique Bronze

Spray laquoir

Spray Lacquer

Merridale can also offer a Spray Lacquer. Lacquer is a clear or coloured varnish that dries by solvent evaporation and often a curing process as well that produces a hard, durable finish, in any sheen level from ultra-matte to high gloss.