Metal Polishing

Metal Polishing

Merridale Polish & Plating have a large polishing shop on site which contains:

  • Hand polishing machines
  • Centreless polishing machines
  • Small flatbed machine

Our polishers are fully experienced in polishing all types of metal and a wide variety of components including car parts, motorcycle silencers and marine industry parts.

What is metal polishing and types of metal polishing

The amount and type of metal polishing or linishing work that is carried out on components will depend on the customer’s requirements and the quality that is required on the finished item, whether it be polished only or linished, polished and plated.

Where a high specification chrome plated finish is required on a component, a number of linishing operations may be required to remove any imperfections, scratches or pin holes that may be in the base material.  Only when all of these imperfections have been removed, can the component be polished and a high quality achieved either as a finished polished article or prior to the chrome plating process.

Various levels of quality can be achieved in the polishing process depending on the grit size of the linishing band, polishing compounds or mops being used.


The centreless polishing machines are capable of handling tubes and bar from 10 millimetres up to 75 millimetres in diameter and 3 metres in length.

We polish on site prior to Nickel and Chrome Plating and also offer our extensive facilities as a sub-contract polishing shop.

Typically materials that are linished and polished

  • steel
  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • zinc
  • die cast
  • aluminium

Our polishers are fully experienced in polishing all types of metal and a wide variety of components, including car parts, motorcycle silencers, the marine industry components and many others varying in many shapes and sizes.

Our Bilston factory manufactures and supplies a wide range of polishing mops and compounds nationwide and abroad. Mops and compounds are tailor made for the type of metal being polished.

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